Art of Relating

The Art of Relating Embodiment & Transcendence

Intensive Group for Transparent Communication 2019
For Advanced Practitioners

The training will be in German with English translations

Download Flyer: pdfArt_of_Relating_Jahresgruppe_engl_2019.pdf


In continuation and further development of our intensive trainings during the past years in Freiburg, we will take a new step in 2019, with new locations, a new structure and new topics.

For the rst time, this course is mostly designed for advanced practitioners and those who already have an established meditation practice and are experienced in Transparent Communication by Thomas Hübl®.
The content of the training is dedicated to two movements.

First, to the aspect of embodiment, where we will focus our attention on the deeply hu- man qualities, that is, on those qualities that de ne us as humans. Here are the aspects that are important to us:

  • Body and Emotion
  • LoveandCompassion
  • Clarity and Will
  • Sensuality and Sexuality
  • Realization and Manifestation of Impulses and Ideas

Second, we will be moving into the transcendental realm, into the unnamable, into that which is beyond our regular experience or transcends our current world of experiences. We will work with more subtle frequencies such as Light, Energy and Movement, as well as with Space and Stillness, with Not-Knowing and Eternity.
We want to create a bridge from the transcendental to the deeply human realm, for in- stance via the relationship with my partner, my family, people in my neighborhood or my political and creative expression in the world. Bringing forth a culture of relating that is anchored in orientation towards the Higher also includes responsibility carried by re- latedness.

As a group, we will be able to really get close to our longing for intimacy with life, as well as to nd concrete answers for realizing our potential.

We will continue our use of integral maps, for instance Spiral Dynamics, as they provide a wonderful orientation aid for our development of consciousness and carry the potential of rich experience for all participants.

A Journey in Consciousness in Four Modules

For four weekends, we will go on a journey together: We will explore the art of relating on different levels and follow our longing for deeper intimacy with life.

BELONGING & BECOMING – Fully arriving and belonging & more and more becoming who we really are and walking our own path – these two forces are important fundamental pillars of a healthy life. Everybody needs to feel safe and protected amongst other people. Only then, there is space for flourishing and maturing. To allow the dance between these two aspects brings out the beauty of our deepest humanity.

Module 1

Embodiment of Relatedness
Deepening Your Transparent Communication
April 25 – 28, 2019, at Seminarhaus Stiersbach, Starting Thu. 5pm, ending Sun. 2pm.

Modul 2

Embodiment of Stillness
Deepening Your Connection to God
June 13 – 16, 2019, at Seminarhaus Stiersbach, Starting Thu. 5pm, ending Sun. 2pm.

Modul 3

Embodiment of Being in Service
Practicing social and cultural participation
August 29 – September 1, 2019, at Seminarhaus Stiersbach, Starting Thu. 5pm, ending Sun. 2pm.

Modul 4

Embodiment of Eros
Exploring and integrating polarity/sensuality/sexuality
November 28 – December 1, 2019, in Seminarhaus Stiersbach, Starting Thu. 5pm, ending Sun. 2pm.


Early-bird discount through Jan 11, 2019: 1750 € (room and board not included)
Jan 12, 2019 and after: 1990 € (room and board not included)

Bank connection:
GLS Bank, Axel Perinchery
IBAN DE39430609672004356900

Upon payment of the seminar fees, you will receive a confirmation of registration and a liability waiver form. Once we receive the completed and signed form, we will re-con rm your registration.

Room and Board

Modules 1, 2 and 4 will take place at the Seminarhaus Stiersbach.

We have visited the place and find it very fitting for our work. We will also have the opportunity to utilize the beautiful natural surroundings. The location has special places of power.

Please register individually and without delay with the Seminarhaus: pe-2019-art-of-relating-25-28-04-2019.html, , Tel. 07977-8696

The Seminarhaus offers single, double and shared rooms, with prices ranging between 58 € and 90 €. Payment must be made on site, cash only. Full vegetarian board is included. The Seminarhaus cancellation policy applies.

Module 3 will take at Zukunftswerkstatt Schloss Tempelhof.

This is an inspiring place for us where creative and societal participation has been partially manifested already. We are looking forward to cooperation with this community.

Please register individually and without delay with Schloss Tempelhof:, Tel. 07957-9239-030

Schloss Tempelhof offers single, double and shared rooms, with prices ranging between 55 € and 75 €. Payment must be made on site, cash only. Full vegetarian board is included. Schloss Tempelhof cancellation policy applies.

Conditions for Participation

With the payment of the seminar fees, the registration for the seminar is binding. We will charge a 100 € cancellation fee up to 8 weeks prior to the event, and notice of cancellation has to be given in writing. Cancellation fees between 8 weeks prior and up to the event are 50% of the full seminar fee. If you fail to attend the seminar or leave the event early, we still charge the full fee.

This intensive group can only be booked in its entirety (all four modules).

Registration is open until April 11, 2019. The maximum number of participants is 25 + 3.

Information und Registration

Should you have questions about registration, payment or other logistical topics, please contact our Organizer Annette Reiche at:

For questions about content, please turn to Susanne Ahlendorf at:

We are looking forward to seeing you!


You find a registration form on the PDF: pdfArt_of_Relating_Jahresgruppe_engl_2019.pdf